Welcome to the Columbus Open Sangha

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You'll find us a friendly rag tag group of Buddhist flavored meditators. We come from many different backgrounds and range from beginners to highly seasoned practitioners. But we're united in our earnest desire to see clearly and live compassionately. We relish the lack of structure that lineagelessness grants us, because it invites us to discover through personal experience without having to constantly fit our observations into a preexisting framework. The Dharma is our common language, but we share many tongues and peer from many perspectives.
Every Thursday, at 7 PM, we invite you to join us for our regular gatherings

Columbus Open Sangha gathers are intended to be interactive and inclusive. We seek to have members not only learn from respected teachers in the local and national community, but from each other as well.

Our evening schedule normally goes...

  • Arrival - enjoy a cup of tea and socializing
  • 20 minutes of sitting meditation (quick instruction for new members)
  • Dharma Share (varies - see below)
  • Relax, socialize, and depart

Dharma Share
Each gather, the Dharma Share takes place in one of a number of different formats.
  • A talk from an invited Dharma teacher (potentially someone local, state-wide, or out of state)
  • The “My Dharma talks”, a discussion lead by one of our members on how they view a teaching of the Buddha and how it impacts their lives.
  • A group listening to a Dharma teaching (either read or via multimedia) and discussion by the group.

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